CH 37: Opposites

Adriana’s Uncle Seth suddenly died and in his will left her with ownership of a building in the north-east of Calgary that had business meetings and seminars during the day and support groups at night Monday through Thursday. In his will her uncle stipulated that she could own the property as long as she kept the current support groups and the exact same schedule. There was a small office for her and it was from there that she watched the bizarre groups arrive and depart. The irony that the two groups meeting the on the same night were polar opposite didn’t escape Adriana’s attention but although she felt the scheduling was a dangerous cocktail, if she wanted to keep the space she had no choice but to accept it.

She grew up the young sister of three older brothers who were all very protective of their little sibling. They all lived in Calgary’s north-east so were rough and tough and ready to handle anything thrown their way. Money was tight her mother worked two part-time jobs, her father worked twelve-hour shifts at the recycling plant, her older brother fenced stolen goods, her middle brother worked under the table at the pawn shop and her youngest brother ran bets for a local bookie on horse and dog races. Adriana was thankful she was the youngest and she was female or it may have been expected for her to do whatever was needed to help out the family.

Anyways at the building on Friday’s a small group of executives with briefcases met and the first Friday when Adriana became the new owner they asked her to join their session. “Well, did you manage to solve your supplier problem Mark?” the chairman questioned. “Yes, I found a less restrictive source for the silencers the hit men prefer no paperwork” Mark replied grinning. “So Christina has sales of your designer condoms increased?” he asked. “Tenfold the nymphos use plenty of them!” she giggled. “And how’s your profits for your sweets Jamie?” “Couldn’t be better the fatties scarf it up!” a skinny harsh looking woman chuckled. “And I’m introducing new products next week. Ryan, have you some new and repeat customers at your Gothic store?” “You bet, and word of mouth has spread” he replied. “You see it’s all a question of supply and demand” the creepy chairman grinned looking straight at Adriana as the others turned to challenge her reaction. “It was actually your uncle’s idea bless his soul, he approached us and it’s a profitable arrangement for all of us so much so we’re looking to expand to other locations.”

They all had iron clad contracts to run the company board indefinitely. Her uncle’s lack of ethics was shocking he was her favorite uncle, so much fun but you never knew about people. And now Adriana was doomed when she signed a contractual agreement to run the business for a minimum of ten years. Not to mention that Adriana wanted to help the support groups in a truly more supportive way. But she was no dummy and it only took two days for her to figure out a solution to her problem. Adriana went to her first ever meeting with the Trigger Happy support group and met Carlos. She felt certain they’d have a lot to talk about! Or at least she thought the man would be interested in doing a few jobs for her but she didn’t have much money so what could she offer him? Not that she wanted the board members killed maybe just roughed up a bit and threatened. What she didn’t realize was that Carlos and his group Trigger Happy wanted things to remain status quo because they had so many repeat clients from the Dead End group.