Society deems the age

when childhood ends

when we turn the page

when we round the bend


People expect you to act

how an adult should

how it’s a fact

how you definitely would


But we lose the fun

what bright colors shine

what imagination runs

what toys are mine


I am tired of it all

why do I hold back

why not send out the call

why not attack


My inner child longs to escape

I don’t care what they say

I can no longer wait

I will lead the way…


Eat my dessert first

Wear bright colors that don’t match

Do abstract messy art

Say what is really on mind…

& so much more




Free to choose my own style of brightly colored running shoes

Free to decorate my small apartment with a lava lamp and zebra print comforter

Free to go to all the sci-fi movies I want

Free to socialize with other writers

Free to make crayon drip art for the walls

Free to be who I use to be


The Move

Hi everyone I have moved from Ontario to Saskatchewan so do not have a computer and will not have one for several months. It sucks! But I just learned my local library has computers I can use until then.  So my entries will be short until I get my own new lap top.

When I was coming out here the flight I took on Air Canada was canceled so I was re-booked and instead of getting to my destination at 9:30 a.m.  I didn’t arrive until 6:30 p.m. It was a long tiring day and I wasn’t impressed despite the lousy $10 food voucher they gave me. O.k. I’m done complaining, lol

On the positive side I get into my new apartment downtown near a park  at the end of September meanwhile I am staying with my kid & daughter-in-law.  Moose Jaw is such a pretty town of 35,000 people.

Lots of people that know my kids have volunteered to help me move in which I really appreciate. When needed people do help and it’s a nice feeling.





Sadness, like quicksand the harder you struggle the quicker it sucks you down

Sadness, like a tornado destroys all within its path and spits it out

Sadness, like an earthquake shakes your foundation to the core the cracks linger

Sadness, like a tsunami wave after wave crashes into your defenses and breaks your resolve

Sadness, like a volcano erupt burning all your life lines leaving charred remains

Sadness, like a vine creep up when you least expect it entangle you snaring your limbs


Friends rally to bring your spirits up

Family unite in a display of support

Life Partner expresses their love

Pets demeanor brings a sense of calm relief

You are the last defense who fights every battle

Alone or with aid sadness is an enemy we all have to fight

And hopefully win more encounters than we lose


You give your complete devotion

To the ones you love

You display your emotions

Always freely without a shove


Even when times are rough

You melt my cares away

Caressing your silky tuff

Keeps depression at bay


Your needs come last

Patiently you wait

Your role is cast

Affection can come late


A loyal companion

A non-human friend

More human than most

Right to the very end


I try and will words upon my page

It seems somewhat absurd

To try poetry at my age

But that’s not what I’ve heard


I asked my son the writer

How in the world to start

He said you need to be a painter

Because poetry is an art


I ask if it should rhythm

It seems like such a habit

He said not all the time

Like now, habit rhythms with what? Rabbit


But as a novice I want to

It has such a fun beat

Trying something new

Writing straight is such a feat


So although this poem is an example

Of exactly what not to do

It’s a blaring sample

Of poems from you know who

And in closing, I just want to say

You may not think I’m a poet

Not in any way

I agree and damn well know it

Hip, Hip, Hooray!


I never thought I’d bounce back,

darkness fell all around

The same day you walked out,

heart-break was the only sound


Love can be heaven or hell,

lasting years on end

Or it can suddenly stop,

saying let’s just be friends


As time slowly passes,

my pain becomes less and less

Cause love finds a way to return,

even if your life’s a mess


I will never fall in love again,

I will never get over the pain,

Yet no matter what I say,

Love can heal the way


I drown in your deep eyes

Melt into your warm arms

Smell your sweet scent

Am vulnerable to your charms


I quiver at the sound of your voice

Ache for your soft touch

Stroke your silky hair

Am overcome by so much


I quake with the rhythm of your moves

Shiver when your lips touch mine

Feel your strong presence

Am marvelled by one so fine


I’m into you

In a big way

I’m into you

More than I can say

If you only knew

How much I’m into you


My job was number one,

in my life’s priority

A bachelor’s sorority,

but then you came along

and suddenly I belonged


There are many things I own

working hard to get,

but even yet

I’d leave it all behind,

to make you mine


My family and friends

mean the world to me,

but even they see

if I have to chose,

they would lose


You’ve won first place in my heart

right from the start,

You’ve won first place in my heart,

right to the finish line!


Listen to the birds sing

Not in chorus or unison but a collision of sounds

Birds graceful dive in the air and ride air currents

Why the males are beautiful and females are dull astounds me

Guess it’s only fair since it’s the opposite with humans

Hard not to watch them with a sense of delight

Red cardinals arrive with a sense of superiority

Blue jays fight among themselves

Small finches, canaries, and unknown birds await their turn

And my favorite the tiny graceful hummingbird a feeder just for them

… A pecking order for sure